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Writer: Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D | 01 January 2008 |

As is the case of my previous articles on symbology, this piece prompts information on the foundation and basis of hidden and forbidden knowledge.

All covert groups, especially the Inner Circle which some refer to as the Illuminati but who are really the core of all societies, have stealth mean of conveying messages to each other. Sometimes it's a specific type of handshake; other times it's a coded action, as when Madonna kissed Brittany Spears; but more often than not, it's shapes or figures or legends (i.e. symbols) that parlay uncommon ideals. This form of communique is the hallmark of shadow groups. The first group to pop into one's mind is Freemasonry, which operates out of a slew of symbols used for double meanings. The compass, for example, means more than a measuring instrument, as do the cube and the square, among many other symbols. An entire tome could be written on this society alone.

Most symbols are codified and connected with measurements, math, and numerology. Nearly all have hidden occultic meanings. Another example, as mentioned in Part II of this series, is the five-pointed star.

Mysticism, witchcraft, cabalism, astronomy and the esoteric all work together, along with concepts of gods and goddesses, femininity and masculinity, and fertility. Symbology dates back farther than the Tower of Babylon, though most believe this was an inciting factor in today's cryptocracy. If you study history and follow through on certain aspects (i.e. Knights Templar) and certain people (Pike, Blavatsky, and those of even earlier days), you'll see the thread that weaves what appears to be the loose strands. Tie all this in with secret societies, and you have the New World Order and the plight we face today. Symbology and secret societies are very sophisticated, and those advancing both want none of us to be aware of them. That's why they operate out of secrecy. And who "they" are apparently are what most refer to as the "Power Elite," or the Illuminati. They have a plan for the world one that denies humanity, rejects God, destroys rights, erodes constitutions, collapses currencies, dumbs-down our children, and creates diseases and other horrors to depopulate our planet while getting fat and wealthy off each of us.

Dr. Henry Makow provides some insight into the nature of all this:

"Who are the Illuminati? We are still living off the twilight rays of Western Civilization, which was based on Christianity. Civilization is always based on a religion, an ideal. Christ taught that God is Immanent and His Plan is to manifest Himself through His Creation. We must do His will rather than pursue our own selfish desires. Kings derived their authority from God and were answerable to Him.

"The Jewish Pharisees rejected Christ. They practised a naturalistic religion that turned Christ's message on its head. Man is God, rules the universe, and defines reality. We can indulge our desires. Dating back to Zoroastrianism, the Jewish Cabala reverses the roles of God and Lucifer and embraces occult symbols, rituals and blood sacrifices. This is the Cosmic Struggle between Spirit and Matter: God will be Immanent; Matter will resist. This is the conflict between God (the view that man is unfinished, and dependent on Divine revelation) and Lucifer (man is already god).

"The Cabalists secretly dedicated themselves to destroying Christianity and Western civilization. In 1773 Amschel Mayer Rothschild convened a meeting of 12 prominent Jewish bankers and other prominent Jewish personalities and submitted a programme to level the social order using the contradictory promise of "liberty" and "equality." In 1776, they had Adam Weishaupt organize the Order of the Illuminati, which merged with Freemasonry in 1782. Freemasonry is Cabala and, in the words of Andre Krylienko, (The Red Thread) it was "launched for the purpose of enlisting non-Jews consciously or unconsciously in the service of Jewry." (p.93)

When you look closely at each of the elements, you can see how they all mesh, and how well machinated they are, and even worse, how well they the Elite have planned and implemented every part of it. Symbols are not accidents. They are tools of the Elite, the Inner Circle and all the groups attached to them.

NOTE: In regards to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion Dr. Makow is paraphrasing from the book Reclaiming the Strike Zone: Do it American by Victor Alexander Baltov Jr. It is one of the greatest anti-Semitic lies of the 20th century. This book was used by the Nazis as evidence and justification for the murder of the Jews. See The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion -POR Admin-

The "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," the most notorious and most successful work of modern antisemitism, draws on popular antisemitic notions which have their roots in medieval Europe from the time of the Crusades. The libels that the Jews used blood of Christian children for the Feast of Passover, poisoned the wells and spread the plague were pretexts for the wholesale destruction of Jewish communities throughout Europe. Tales were circulated among the masses of secret rabbinical conferences whose aim was to subjugate and exterminate the Christians, and motifs like these are found in early antisemitic literature. —Dr. Daniel Keren, THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION

Here are more symbols to ponder:

Star of David = This is a six-pointed with two triangles, and is Israel's flag. But the occultists see it as a sign of black and white magic. It's connected to Jewish mysticism, and is made of two triangles (tri-angles = again the number 3). Inside the star, often depicted is an all-seeing eye in a creature that looks like an elephant with a crown on top, and atop that seems to be an upside-down dove. Of the two triangles, the tip of the one that points down denotes femininity, the moon and water. The triangle tip pointing upward depicts sun, fire, and masculinity. Notice, again, the dialectics, the opposites: Femininity (anima) and masculinity (animus). "The "empty" hexagram, without crossing lines isn't used in Western ideography except as a form for a policeman's badge in Iceland and in certain states in the US (the sheriff's star)." (Quote by

Freeman offers:


"The five-pointed star has appeared in pre-Columbian America, although not in the form of the pentagram, but as [missing word] This makes it unlikely that the high cultures existing at that time, for example, the Mayan culture, had succeeded in discovering the design despite their advanced knowledge of the timing of the appearances of the Morning star and the Evening star, that is, the orbit of the planet Venus. After the Sumerian epoch in the Euphrates-Tigris region the Venus goddess seems to have been symbolized by the eight-pointed star. The pentagram fell out of use and did not appear in this region until some 1,000 years later."

Yin and Yang = Like the double-headed eagle, this symbol is of dialectics (opposites; see previous articles). It represents equally colored white and black (light and dark) circles, and where the black is, there is a minuscule white dot, and where the white is, there is an equal-sized, teeny, black circle. Opposites integrate to form one, unity. Many of the dialectical symbols also represent the opposites of male and female. Some perceive the separation of black and white by an "S", representing Satan streaming through its diameter. Yin is the female counterpart and is symbolic of dark and negative; yang, the white side, is masculine and represents the opposite: light and positive.

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