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Organized Religion and the Great Apostasy

Private vs Public Property

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Government Controlled Churches

Bond Rogers (Lauren Bacall): You're most welcome to accompany Gillom (Ron Howard) and me.

JB Books (John Wayne): Maybe your church won't welcome me.

Bond Rogers (Lauren Bacall: That's a terrible thing to say. The doors to the church are open to everyone.

JB Books (John Wayne): Well, my church has been the mountains and solitude. No doors at all.

Bond Rogers (Lauren Bacall): That's hardly the same thing. We all need a minister to guide us.

Excerpt from the 1976 film The Shootist with John Wayne and Lauren Bacall.

According to Tennessee Law Authorities, NO ONE has authority over their own property anymore.

"No one has authority over their own property anymore." This is what I was told by a lawyer when I said that TBN said that I could walk all day on their property if I want to. The lawyer replied to me "I don't care what they said. No one has authority over their own property anymore." Read about my arrest at TBN.

Do not be fooled! Long ago were those days when churches were open to the public! Churches are no longer open to the public. They are no longer considered public property or a ministry and we do not need a minister to guide us. We should be guided by Jesus, not man. In the eyes of the government churches are privately owned businesses. Churches may soon be taxed as businesses as well. Read Government Controlled Churches.

Any one of you who want to be accepted on the job. Any one of you who want to be ACCEPTED by the world. Any one of you who want to make a NAME for yourself and get a REWARD down here, or PLAQUES, and the city council, and all of these ministries are trying to be accepted and make an impact through 'ACCEPTANCE.' It doesn't work because when you go that way the devil says "Look I want to help you" and he'll get you GOVERNMENT MONEY. You know, go ahead and take the governments money but you are gonna wind up as another charity with just an empty charity doing good works but no power of the Holy Ghost to change your life...

That's why we don't accept any government money. We've turned down...if they offered a hundred million dollars we would not accept it because the devil says 'Just let me get a piece of the action. Just let me get in there so that God doesn't get the glory.' So they can mar the power and grace of God's mercy. -David Wilkerson, The High Cost of Mercy-

It appears that the illuminati has been offering mega churches government money as a way to control what is preached from the pulpit!

It has been accepted in society that church property is public property which is open to the public but this is no longer true. Churches are not public property and they are not open to the public per se. Churches have become big businesses but are like private clubs. It is possible that we may soon see these churches lose their tax-free benefit which they have always enjoyed. The 2013 TBN lawsuit, TBN vs. Brittany Crouch Koper could change this, or so I hope to see churches being taxed like everyone else because these churches are not the house of God. They are dens of thieves (Matthew 21:13Bible quoteAnd said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.Matthew 21 verse 13, Mark 11:17Bible quoteAnd he taught, saying unto them, Is it not written, My house shall be called of all nations the house of prayer? but ye have made it a den of thieves.Mark 11 verse 17, Luke 19:46Bible quoteSaying unto them, It is written, My house is the house of prayer: but ye have made it a den of thieves.Luke 19 verse 46). Preachers are lining their pockets with your money so they can be rich and famous. See cults.

Church houses have become one of the most dangerous places to be. To enter the doors of a church house is a risk to you physically and to your spiritual life. Church buildings have become social clubs for parties, gossiping and learning occult terminology and practices.

This whole issue about what is public or private property is a bunch of garbage. Where is all this going? I believe it is going to a massive arrest of anyone who is Christian. I expect these churches to continue standing during the tribulation period because they are not Christian at all. Satan is opposed to the true followers of Jesus Christ, not the people attending these cult services who think they are Christians.

Even if you have been invited to attend some church (as I was!), if you are a real Christian then WHY would you want to open yourself up to the demon spirits in these places? And if you accept the invitation it may be a 'setup' like what was done to me.

For that matter, all businesses are private property. They are all owned by an individual. The only public property left is the park and that too is questionable. Face it... the enemy is out to find any excuse to arrest and hang Christians. Gone are the days when the doors to a church were open to all. Gone are the days when the church was a tranquil safe house to be trusted. Now the church house is a place of great danger and a place to pick up demonic spirits.

Persecution through taxation of churches. ...there's coming an attempt to tax churches and church related organizations. These atheistic forces with the help of the civil liberties union are gonna push this matter to the supreme court. They're gonna have a temporary setback but it's not gonna stop them from pressing for congressional action and the legal setback in the courts will not stop it. In spite of court decisions we are eventually going to have taxation of our churches. I see it coming as an insignificant very small kind of property tax but it's soon gonna merge into a monster size tax that will push some in the churches and in society deep into bankruptcy. The IRS, one day I see as the most powerful weapons against the church of Jesus Christ. -David Wilkerson, 1973 Prophecy - The Vision-

The following article was from August 2013. This is another sign to show us the direction in which our religious and government leaders are taking this new one world religion; another step forward for the devil to make pervertedness acceptable in society. I do not know about Daystar, but TBN was apparently embracing homosexuality from the very beginning since Paul Crouch, Sr. was a homosexual. Read Failure to Embrace Homosexuality Could See Nonprofits Lose Tax-Exempt Status.

Organized Religion