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Writer: R. Mike Castle and William Thomas | "Tecumseh 2000" | March 2000 |

Subject: "Interim Report" based on findings of research into the Chemtrails Aerial Phenomenon.

What in the World Are They Spraying?


Research and investigation of an unknown aerial event(s) described as chemical and biological spraying from aircraft from the stratosphere to 100 feet or less above the Earth's surface. These aerial sprays by military jet and turboprop aircraft are suspected to cause various environmental and human health impacts.

"Mission Enterprise" - a project........- and the Native American Institute have requested a "Summary of Findings" to date of a "Chemtrails" phenomenon first reported in the mid-1960s but significantly increased in scope and intensity since November, 1999.

In early 1998, callers to the Ted Gunderson Intelligence Report on WWCI - a short-wave station out of the southern US - complained about unusually thick and persistent contrails left behind passing aircraft. One caller, a former airline pilot, believed that toxic chemicals were being mixed into commercial jet fuel and unknowingly spread by passenger flights. Other callers indicated that their fruit trees would be covered in a slightly viscous substance after these strange aircraft had "fumigated" the area - usually at night. Similar instances of affected gardens and crops are being reported following low and mid-level spraying across the United States.

This undeclared aerial assault continues to observed in many parts of the world, including North America, Central America, England, Europe, the Antipodes and the Middle East. Chemtrails have been reported only over nations friendly to the United States.

This "Interim Report" is not intended to be an exhaustive examination of this activity. A "Conclusions of Findings" will be issued upon retrieval of samples and Chemical/Biological analyses.

The document is intended to verify or refute numerous hypotheses surrounding the purpose and/or agenda of the Group, Nation or Culture responsible for this activity.

Mission Goals: Charter a dedicated atmospheric-sampling aircraft to undertake an aerial retrieval of chemtrail plumes at mid- to high altitudes for the purpose of independent, government-certified laboratory analysis. Among other chemical and biological constituents, we will be looking for JP-8 jet fuel residues at higher than normal exhaust concentrations, Ethylene Dibromide, silica and carbon compounds used in weather and atmospheric modification - as well as various pathogens, including specified pseudomonas bacteria and toxic fungi found in samples of low level spraying.

Executive Summary

There has been positive identification of possibly three concurrent aerial spraying activities, which may be related. The following background material comes from individual and collaborative efforts, as well as eye-witness field observations, media and book references, satellite data and other sources:

1. Above 30,000 ft. (upper stratospheres): Visual observation from field observers in the United States, Canada, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia and other countries have reported aircraft spraying voluminous white plumes that expand laterally until forming a hazy or overcast condition.

This spraying by unmarked and usually all-white KC-10 and KC-130 tanker planes could be linked to extensively-studied attempts to mitigate global warming and/or catastrophic ozone depletion.

Awarded to Hughes Aircraft in 1990, US Patent 5003186 for "Welsbach Seeding" claims that Welsbach materials containing thorium and oxides of metals capable of reflecting near-infrared heat into space could be dispersed behind high-flying aircraft into Greenhouse Gas Layers at stratospheric altitudes. Recommended by scientists as imminent as Freeman Dyson and Dr. Edward Teller, this aerial spray programs will impact our shared environment as patented particles of 1 to 10 microns fall back to the surface. Artificial particulates of this size are classified PM-1 PM10 high densities, and are considered by the US Environmental Protection Agency as "a human health concern" if inhaled. Thorium and various oxides cited in atmospheric modification patents are proven or "suspect" carcinogens.

The MOH hardness of some suspected spray components - such as silicon carbide, aluminum oxide and other refractory materials are very high. These extremely abrasive compounds could degrade the control surfaces and mechanisms of aircraft repeatedly exposed to these grit-plumes, possibly resulting in critical in-flight failures.

Patent searches reveal no Environmental Impact Studies (EIS), Risk Assessments Analyses (RAA) or other studies undertaken in Epidemiology and human health of these aerial spray experiments. In fact, the primary use of thorium is the manufacture of nuclear fuel rods powering the super-hot "cores" of nuclear reactors.

Our principal concern is to identify chemtrail components and purpose, as well as the agencies responsible for the spraying - and to hold said individuals and agencies accountable to applicable federal laws.

2. 20,000 ft. to Stratosphere: numerous Aerial activities have been identified at this altitude including (but not limited to) Weather Modification and emergency ozone remediation.

Weather modification has long been carried out over the US and counties in the Southern Hemisphere. Numerous technical reviews describe ongoing efforts to mitigate drought and replenish reservoirs for irrigation and electricity generation. Using silver halide or iodide to accrete atmospheric moisture into precipitation has been practiced over the United States since the early 1940's. At least 48 states are currently licensing "cloud seeding."

Other weather modification references describe using ethylene dibromide for cloud-seeding. The risk to humans and other living creatures repeatedly exposed to EDB is profound. An extremely potent pesticide, EDB is one of the most tightly controlled EPA substances. Its use as a pesticide was banned under an unusual emergency order by the EPA in 1983 due to its extreme carcinogenicity. EDB attacks the liver, lungs, and skin, causing liver damage as well as lung and skin cancer. Exposure to this toxic chemical may lead to cancer, liver and kidney damage, pulmonary edema, damage to a developing fetus and reproductive organs of both men and women. EDB is a carcinogen and a mutagen that may also cause eye and skin irritation, cardiopulmonary arrest, and binds to DNA.

"Safety profile: Confirmed carcinogen...Experimental teratogenic and reproductive effects. Human mutation data reported. A severe skin and eye irritant. An experimental eye irritant. Implicated in worker sterility." Hazardous Chemicals Desk Reference Richard J. Lewis, Sr. Second edition, 1991: The EPA's Hazardous Materials List devotes seven pages to ethylene dibromide.

Under "Hazard Summary" it reads: "Ethylene dibromide is a carcinogen and must be handled with extreme caution. It may damage the developing fetus, and the male and female reproductive system. It is used as a fumigant." A poison nerve gas offshoot, ethylene dibromide is a "hazardous substance" regulated by the OSHA. Its known hazards are also cited by ACGIH, NIOH, the Dept. of Transportation, IARC, the DEP, the EPA, the CAG, and the NTP.

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