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Renouncing Deception

Dear Heavenly Father, Your Word tells me that You desire TRUTH in my inner being, and You will cause me to know wisdom and have understanding. Your word also tells me that the heart of a person is deceitful, and I may not always understand what is going on in my heart, my innermost being. I now make a decision to have You reveal to me the hidden motives and secrets of my heart.

Jesus said, Satan is the father of lies and a deceiver, who is always trying to deceive me into believing lies. At times, I have believed in Satan's lies, and deceived myself by avoiding the truth and being in denial.

In the past, I have been hurt, rejected, betrayed, made powerless or abused. At times I may have made a choice to live in a fantasy world to escape the pain or loneliness. This fantasy world was a deception that I believed in order to escape a painful reality. Other times, I chose to forget, suppress, split or mentally separate myself from the painful memories or events. These past hurts were more than I could bear, so I buried or forgot them, with all of the anger, unforgiveness and vows made against myself and others. I understand that this is part of my life story, and, by denying their reality, I deny part of myself. These vows and unforgiveness are giving the enemy an entryway into my life and body, and a right to harass, afflict, control, or drive me in compulsive, ungodly ways.

I now reject this FALSE LIFE. I choose to live in the truth and in the light, and NOT in a myth or a lie, concerning my past life. With God's help, I will work on these hurts, unforgiveness and vows, and come to truly know myself. I do not want these vows coming down on me or others. I now make a choice to turn from this hidden life and close all those doorways, in Jesus' name. I take authority in Jesus' name and I rebuke and command all deceiving spirits to leave me now.

I know that You, Father, are a discerner of the heart, and I ask You to reveal to me and to Your servant who is ministering to me at this time, the nature of these hidden hurts, pain, anger, vows, lies or sins. I now choose to face the truth and NOT live in denial. I acknowledge that I cannot do this in my own strength, but I look to You, Jesus, for Your help in my healing and deliverance. I ask You to, "Search me, O God, and know my heart, test me and know my anxious thoughts, and see if there is any offensive way in me and lead me in thy way everlasting." Amen.

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