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The Growing Realization that UFO/ET Phenomena comes from the earth, is malicious, and demonic in origin

Writer: Mike S. | 1997

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I'm not firm on the issue of the "Greys" or other aliens being demons, but I think there's a very good chance of that. The Heaven's Gate crowd, as well as some very similar cults, make the idea look even more likely. I don't think that excludes the probability that a genuine agenda of abduction, breeding, and mind control of some sort is happening. -XXXXXmember1 name concealed-

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Date: Thursday, December 18, 1997 8:03 PM
Subject: [Religare] CNI News -- Bible Explains Alien Abduction?

I found this on another list thought it might induce another thread!

Many Think Bible Explains Alien Abduction

Even some MUFON Researchers See "Spiritual Warfare" [from Michael Lindemann's CNI News]

[The following text is excerpted from an article in Florida Today, dated August 17, 1997, written by Rita Elkins. CNI News thanks Stig Agermose for sending us this item. The full text can be found on the web at]

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Religious leaders are alarmed about a growing train of thought that "wants us to reject traditional Judeo-Christian ideas about God" in favor of benign "Space Brothers" who will save humanity from itself, writes journalist William M. Alnor in his book, UFOs in the New Age (Baker, Grand Rapids, Mich.).

Note from Mike S.: note the subtle frame-up by the journalist..."Religious leaders"... "alarmed" plants the thought in the reader that their primary concern is that their incomes could be hurt if people start believing in little gray men....HOWEVER, I have no Church I'm asking you to attend, give me or it any money or die for. Keep your money. Protect your family and neighbors.

Alnor concludes this new belief is a set-up for apocalyptic deceptions predicted in the Bible's Book of Revelation. He's not alone.

Magazine articles, books and even evangelists are engaging in Bible-based speculations about the nature and intention of entities that allegedly kidnap, paralyze, physically abuse and sometimes sexually molest victims — many of whom come to believe the experience was worthwhile.

"The similarity between the abduction experience and demonic possession is very, very close," says Joe Jordan, Brevard/Volusia state [section] director for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). "These experiences these people are having are real. It does exist. But you just need to understand what's doing it."

Jordan and his partner, Wes Clark, have begun a research group called CE-4 (close encounters of the fourth kind), dedicated to studying alleged alien abductions. Its 15 members also belong to MUFON, but "nothing we do is necessarily sanctioned by [MUFON leadership]," says Clark, a quality control engineer at Kennedy Space Center.

Jordan, who works in product development and engineering for Sea Ray Boats, speaks calmly, his voice firm. Kooks don't get to be state [section] directors with science-oriented MUFON. "This whole thing is spiritual warfare. And the method the enemy's using is deception. Strong deception."

Last year he focused on CE-4 research, and encountered a Central Florida abductee whose otherwise-typical experience had one unique aspect. "They had stopped the experience while it was happening. In all the time I've been researching, I'd never heard that before."

Jordan and Clark swear they have three verifiable cases in which apparent abduction experiences were halted by believers who called on the name of Jesus. And Jordan says as many as 400 cases may be documentable nationwide.

"It makes you wonder: If these beings are extraterrestrial at all, why would they respond to that name?" Jordan asks. "We think we found the answer in the Bible, in Mark 16:17Bible quoteAnd these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues.Mark 16 verse 17 where Jesus said, 'In my name, they shall cast out demons.' That seems to be exactly what we came across."

Suddenly, the religious press is full of articles about UFOs.

The May cover story in Central Florida's Discovery Christian newspaper focused on UFOlogy theology, interviewing Berkeley-trained scientist and Christian author John Weldon.

July's Charisma magazine, a 200,000-plus circulation monthly, featured Christian evangelist and author Paul McGuire's article, Alien Invaders. McGuire cites the evolution of author Whitley Streiber — from his first alien contacts in Communion, Transformation and Breakthrough to his latest titles, The Secret School: Preparations for Contact and Evenings with Demons-- as an example of a progressive deception.

"Both the seemingly benign and the hostile entities ... will play an increasing role in preparing a segment of humanity for the reception of the Antichrist," writes bestselling author David Allen Lewis and Robert Shreckhise in UFO: End-Time Delusion (New Leaf Press, 1991).

The cover of The Agenda: The Real Reason They're Here gives this premise: "In the near future, God will evacuate millions of people from the horrors to follow. Aliens will take the credit" for the Rapture, writes B. Fox, a MUFON researcher who resides in of all places — Roswell, New Mexico.

Back in Titusville at the CE-4 office in Wes Clark's home, Joe Jordan and Clark continue to study, research and solicit abductees through the Internet and with classified ads in MUFON's UFO Journal.

"The one thing we can offer people in this field is hope. Hope that they can stop this experience," Jordan says.

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