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The Kennedy Bloodline

Writer: Fritz Springmeier | 1993(?) |

Continuation in the series of articles on the Top 13 Illuminati Families

The Kennedy Family

To be a researcher and to be informed that the Kennedy family is a top 13 llluminati family is akin to being told a needle is in a haystack. Someone has estimated that there are 200,000 Kennedys in the United States.[1] And on a list of the most populous surnames of Ireland in 1890 Kennedy ranked 17th.[2] And a recent book listed it as 16th most common today. Fortunately, there is information that allows me to identify at least part of the Satanic Kennedies from all the rest of the Kennedys. You will learn some of this later in the article.

Kennedy ties to other elite families

Again the ties between various Illuminati families is very involved, and a long unraveling process, similar to untieing a set of bad knots confronts the researcher. The Kennedy family abounds with marriages to names such as Anketells, Baileys, Booths, Buckleys, Collins, Hatfields, Humphreys, Freemans, James, Phelps, Reagans, Russells, and Smiths.[3] The Kennedys that we will look closest at are related to the Fitzpatricks, a powerful Irish family whose coat of arms has 3 fleur-de-lis with a dragon and a lion. (The Fitzpatricks may tie back to France, and they may possibly be part of the Sang Royal (Sangraal--Sang Raal is the term used in the older manuscripts which can mean both Royal bloodline or Holy Grail.) Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis who married John F. Kennedy was tied to the Auchinclosses via her sister’s marriage into the Auchincloss family. The Auchinclosses are Scottish bloodline of the Illuminati. [4]

"One can fairly hear the woof and tweet of history whistle through the names of the ramified Auchincloss tribe: Bunt, Grosvenor, Rockefeller, Saltonstall, Tiffany, Vanderbilt and Winthrop among others."[5]

For instance, Hugh D. Auchincloss, Sr. married Emma Brewster Jennings, daughter of Oliver B. Jennings, who co-founded Standard Oil with John D. Rockefeller. As for the numerous Kennedy intermarriages with notable names, for instance, Bernet Shafer Kennedy (1798-1878) married Phebe Freeman in 1820.[6] But then the question arises--were either of these people secretly part of the occult? Andrew Kennedy married Margaret (Penny) Hatfield (1824-1989).[7] The Andrew Kennedy family is allied with the Hatfield, Bailey, Collins, and Mullins families.[8] Again a person is confronted with a great deal of clues, but precious little time and resources to try following up the numerous leads.

Origins of the Family and the Relationship of the Kennedy's

[9](See footnote 9 for the reference to consult concerning this entire section.)

There are several versions of how the Kennedys got started, but when one goes in and examines things, what turns out is that the origins of the Kennedys in Ireland are very clear. They are descendants of Brian Born (also known as Brian Caeneddi) and his nephew who spelled it Cinneide. The name thereafter was O’Kennedy. They originally were a Dalcassion sept, and were in the area near Killahoe, and Killokennedy parish is a reminder of that ancient fact. The O’Briens and MacNamaras forced them into new territories where they became the Lords of Ormond--what is now north Tipperary. Most Kennedys in Ireland today are still found in that area. The Kennedys remained powerful into the 16th century.

The Kennedy family divided up into 3 branches:

The Scottish Kennedys

Around 1600 a Scottish branch of the Kennedys appeared. There are several stories as to how they got their name Kennedy, and it is possible that they were not from Ireland. However, interestingly, genealogists have ascertained that whether the various branches of the aristocratic Kennedys in Scotland and Ireland may have different origins (because the origins of the Scottish branch is unclear)--it can be shown that they all subsequently intermarried and became related if they were not related to begin with. Gayle Marie Kennedy points this out on page 3 of her book My Kennedy Ancestors...,


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