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Some comments made by 'professing Christian' musicians

Singer Faith Hill has stated that Oprah Winfrey has "surrendered all" to Jesus. (

Oprah Winfrey is teaching new age theology.

I released a gospel record when I was 15 because I grew up in a household where all I ever did was listen to gospel music and my parents were both traveling ministers and so I kind of sang what was going on in my life at 15 and that's how I got introduced to the music industry. I swear I wanted to be like the 'Amy Grant' of music but it didn't work out so I sold my soul to the devil. Katy Perry, watch video Sold Out To Satan: Illuminati Controlled Musicians
What we're trying to do is take Christian principles and make them understandable. Even if it doesn't say Jesus, it doesn't matter. . . Amy Grant, (Rolling Stone, June 6, 1985 p 10)

"Even if it doesn't say Jesus, it doesn't matter" Amy says. Wow!

I'm really sick of all this heavy-handed Christianity. Musicians take themselves too seriously. They should have more FUN, and they should stop preaching unless that's what God has called them to. If I want to hear a sermon, I'll go to church, thank you. Rich Mullins, (CCM magazine, April, 1987, p. 12)

Rich is sick of Christianity. He wants to make lots of money and have fun. Stop preaching, he says.

Here's what a secular reporter in the Birmingham News wrote after watching a Michael W. Smith concert:

If you weren’t familiar with Michael W. Smith’s standing in the world of contemporary Christian music, you might attend one of his concerts and come out none the wiser. Michael W. Smith, (The Birmingham News, Feb. 12, 1993 p. 5c)
We always had this attitude that we didn't want to be characterized as this little religious band sold in religious bookstores and happy and content to play in a church for love offerings. Robert Sweet, formerly of Stryper, (Milwaukee Journal, Aug 25, 1987 p. 11)

Heavy metal rock music is all it is. Robert does not want to be labeled a 'religious band.' He just wants to play in a band and make himself feel better by deceiving people into believing that his music is godly. Read more amazing things about Stryper and Michael Sweet, Stryper 'The Covering' Album.

A lot of bands, the reason they get so turned off, is because you have to put the word 'Jesus' in every line. . . That's why so many bands get almost anti-Jesus in their lyrics, even though they're Christians. Jason Martin of Starflyer, 59 (HM, Mar/Apr 97 p. 21)

Using the name of "Jesus" is a negative to the world so let's just take His name out and not mention it. Hello?

The Bible has this to say about being ashamed of Jesus.

For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father's, and of the holy angels. Luke 9:26

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