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Organic Sulfur: Healing from the Inside

Writer: Donna Osborn | 12 June 2013 |

According to the West Coast Organic Sulfur Study, Sulfur is a food; it is not a vitamin or a drug. Sulfur provides the body with raw materials needed to create new cells, repair and replace damaged tissues and organs, and is an essential component of various compounds and processes in the body necessary for the synthesis of collagen, immunoglobulin and enzymes. Without sulfur to enable the intracellular oxygen transfer and maintain the efficacy of amino acids, we begin to degenerate and age long before our biological clock runs out.

Sulfur deficiencies are associated with brittle nails and hair, scar tissue, slow healing wounds, arthritis, mental and immune disorders, memory loss, gastrointestinal disorders, and breast and colon cancer.

Sulfur is known to alleviate these conditions as well as greatly reduce symptoms of asthma, allergies, snoring, parasites, muscle soreness, joint inflammation and prevents cartilage degeneration. It also improves eye health and diabetes. It is known as a component of insulin and prerequisite for normal carbohydrate metabolism, and also contains amino acids known to protect against the effects of radiation by chelating heavy metals for removal from the body.

Organic Sulfur comes as a flake, precipitated from DMSO; no fillers, anti-caking agents or preservatives are added. Most MSM that is purchased in retail outlets contains anti-caking additives and sometimes flow agents. Those kinds of additives contaminate the body, blocking the bio-availability of sulfur to its cells.

It has been reported that within 5 months of taking Organic Sulfur, many individuals noticed significant improvement in these areas and more: skin color and skin conditions, capillaries in eyes, wrinkles, scar tissue and liver spots, hair growth, energy, allergies, arthritis, muscle soreness and cramps. Mood disorders, depression, parasites and digestive disorders were also improved through the use of Organic Sulfur, as well as life threatening forms of breast and colon cancers.

As was stated by the West Coast Organic Sulfur Project, in Vancouver, Canada of 1860,

"If you are trapped in a cage of turmoil and illness, the door to healing always opens from the inside."

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