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Letter to Michael Drosnin

Author of The Bible Code

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This would play a key role in explaining UFO phenomena if you compare this to the writings of retired Army Colonel Philip Corso in his book, also by Simon and Schuster, The Day After Roswell. The Pentagon couldn't explain why the so-called aliens had no food or waste provisions on the so-called craft they captured. In my letter to Mr. Corso, I offer the theory that the whole thing is a TROJAN HORSE — a hoax but not of the human variety. I'm not sure what your opinion is of the UFO situation but I offer these things as an additional enclosure. Matthew 24:24Bible quoteFor there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect.Matthew 24 verse 24 and Luke 21:11Bible quoteAnd great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.Luke 21 verse 11 warn us specifically about these false signs from the heavens.

(6) Have you tried your decoding technique on THE ENTIRE Bible, old and new testaments?

Going out on a limb again here, it's my contention that the new testament is also canonical as the Massoretic Text you analyzed, but only what is found in the King James Bible. The newer versions use corrupted manuscripts. The KJB is uniquely prominent in world history being the only Bible a GOVERNMENT has actually authorized and its role in human history is not just an accident. If you look at the early churches described in the first chapters in the book of Revelation, you will note that they are also describing the state of the Church — church ages as time goes on. The faith as you can see weakens as time passes....logically you would figure at the very end the faith would be weakest — which it is...but just before the present Laodicean Church age comes up 0151 the Church GETS STRONGER. This is odd and runs counter to human nature. The only explanation for the Philadelphian Church age being stronger (brotherly love) is the publishing and mass distribution of the KJB which coupled with an age of untold enlightenment and reformation thought that gave us our current industrial and information ages. You can credit the Bible for the impetus for Guttenberg to make the first printing press.

So I conjecture that the KJB in its Koine Greek and/or in the plain English has a code, also worth looking at. But you must used the Received Text of the KJB to search for this not the gnostic codex's the Vatican and company prefers. If you use the wrong New Testament texts there would be at best only fragments of a code since they only contain parts of the word or God, though they may even show nothing. This is spiritual warfare of the highest stakes, and the forces of evil play for keeps to include cranking out false Bibles — the warning at the end of the book of Revelation applies here.

(7) Do you have an email address, regular mail address, phone # etc. for Mr. Harold Gans, the NSA code breaker?

I'd like to pass everything I've said to you on to him, also.

(8) How'd he do that?

How did the encoder place such enormous amount of material into a physical, 3 dimensional document? I think I have an answer here.

First let me describe how I tried to make a crossword puzzle one day. I wanted to make an AIRBORNE crossword puzzle using the graphic illustration of a puzzle that already existed. I wanted to put in words like PARATROOPER, ASSAULT RIFLE, HERCULES, GAVIN, RIDGEWAY etc. When the time came to fit these words into what I had to work with it became exceedingly difficult, in fact impossible — there simply were not enough words about the Airborne commonly known to fit into the spaces I needed to fit them into. In your mathematical probabilities you always state the chances are 1 in a million, or 10,000 etc. for various tasks. This in a way is wrong. If there is no round pegs that exist to fit in a round hole, the odds are ZERO in an infinity of tries. The Newtonian Law of cause-effect proves this. No cause, no effect. This was the state of reality that day — a narrow subject like the Airborne with narrow options just wasn't up to the task of fitting into a dissimilar matrix. I would have to start from scratch and create the matrix graphic to work around my words.

Thus, whoever encoded the Bible would have it fairly easy going in the beginning encoding the first messages since he'd have the entire Bible to do so. he starts to get cramped with messages, he'd reach a point where he'd be jammed to fit his words in without disrupting previous messages like I was in my Airborne crossword puzzle. For awhile, he could change the words of his message topic, using say BIBI instead of Netanyahu etc. but even this would become exhausted because after all the Bible is a finite document. So how did he do it?

Hold on.

The writer of the Bible (God) did it by WRITING THE BOOK FIRST WITH THE CODE ALREADY CONTAINED INSIDE IT. No planet earth, no Milky Way Galaxy, no Universe. Just him and the Bible (book).

Just like me and my Airborne crossword puzzle, he would have to start with all his coded messages first, then write the Bible around them, THEN make REALITY — the events of the universe comply to these writings. We are looking at the encoding wrong — as if the encoder had to jam his messages in after the fact of the Bible's text, getting the cart before the horse. God doesn't have to do this — he knows the past, present and future, and knew this by writing the book, code in place FIRST. This is in itself a message I believe he is trying to pass on to us — that he is indeed in control of everything. Disturbing, but a very good possibility.

In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with GOD and the WORD was GOD...... John 1:1

In fact, this is EXACTLY what the Bible SAYS ABOUT ITSELF!

Look throughout the Bible; it states that it PRE-EXISTED before there was a creation.

In the Psalms:

Forever O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven.... Psalms 119:89

I know this is hard to swallow but think about it.

Ever wonder why the Bible sometimes rambles on about stuff like genealogies etc.? No doubt there is a hidden agenda here — this is to provide the letters for the hidden code to work to bring us the hidden messages. It all makes sense when you think about it.


In your book you quote Eli Rips saying we should look at the Bible code in 3 dimensions but can't.

Why not run matrixes of 7 rows and overlap them 7 at a time using a graphics program? God's number of perfection is 7....just a stab at it. Then look through all 7 layers one Hebrew letter at a time to see if there is a word there? That's 3 dimensions.

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