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Letter to Michael Drosnin

Author of The Bible Code

The Bible Code

1st Tactical Studies Group (Airborne)
Ft. Bragg, NC 28307-3253

26 September 1997

Dear Mr. Drosnin,

I write you urgently about your book, The Bible Code. Please pass this letter on to Eli Rips and whoever you think can use it.

You are a great writer! I even read your book on Howard Hughes which shed new light on him, actually solving the mystery about him. Now we know.

Now about the greatest mystery — the inherent code and computer program you found in the Old Testament canonical books in the Hebrew. What can I offer you? If you cannot wait, go to points # 4, 6, and 8.

I'm a Christian Bible College graduate and a career military man (U.S. Army and Marine Corps). I know these two fields better than anything else. I am also Jewish from my mother's side of the family — her father was a rabbi in Israel when he died, and I've visited Israel twice. I am 100% on the side of God's chosen people as well as the just-shall-be-saved-by-grace-through-faith of the Martin Luther-type persuasion. I have some ideas that I urge you to consider and explore.

(1) What you revealed in your book.

I don't believe you or your associates showed every topic you looked up in the book by decoding. I'm sure there are some even more disturbing, sensitive areas you have not put into print — rightly so. There are a whole bunch of topics we need to know about. Can you look up these words? I've listed these areas in an enclosure. If the Almighty has made the Bible into a computer with inter-active capability its brilliant to say the least of him and for you to spot this. More on this later.

(2) Your view of Armageddon.

Let me blunt.....READ REVELATION. Armageddon is NOT the end of the world. Yes, millions will die but God himself will return and set things in order. In fact that is the whole point of the time of Jacob's trouble which is a 7-year period called the Great Tribulation. This is plain for anyone to see without even having to be a believer. So why in the book do you equate nuclear war with the extinction of mankind? You seem to be taking the popular man-on-the-street fatalistic view here. I want to stop nuclear war just as much as you do, and have concrete ideas to help this also in the enclosures.

You discount the quote made by the Lord Jesus Christ in the Gospels by saying: This generation shall not pass till all is fulfilled as the source of the mass belief of the early church that the end was near, that of course did not occur. But you overlook the CONTEXT of what Christ was saying when he made that statement; he was talking about the FIG TREE which is ISRAEL being reborn THEN (1948 A.D.) he started talking about THIS GENERATION shall not pass till all be fulfilled...etc. He was talking about the end times, not the time he walked among men as a man here on the earth. You don't have to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ here. We are just trying to solve a mystery. Keeping ALL options open.

(3) You discount the encoder as being God because you reason he simply could prevent all these terrible things from happening.

True--only if God were to say the time was up for mankind — which it may well be coming sooner than you think. Taking the Bible as it says about itself, in the uncoded plain text, God is giving man a chance to come to him. The Star of David on the flag of Israel represents two triangles; man reaching up to God : Body, Soul, Spirit, and God reaching down to man: Father, Son, Holy Ghost. When its over......... its over......JUDGMENT TIME. So......

God puts up with the horrors of this world to give us maximum opportunity to come to him. However when the ratio of good people to bad reaches a certain amount (refer to Abraham asking God peradventure.....# are righteous in Sodom-Gomorrah in Genesis) he will pull the good people out and destroy the remaining bad.

However, God's patience is wearing thin, and if the Biblical generation of 40-70 years is added to the rebirth of Israel (1948) time may indeed be running out for us to come to God easily. During the Great Tribulation, those that chose to stand by God will pay for it by losing their lives by execution-torture.

We must remember people have been brutally tortured to death throughout history, we have had world wars, none of these things by themselves mean its the Great Tribulation; the Great Tribulation is started when God decides, and the first 3 and a half years are PEACEFUL, so...we may even be in the first half of the Great Tribulation NOW. This is Daniel's 70th week in Old Testament Prophecy, too.

(4) An idea to detect culprits before the event.

You describe how you found Rabin that he would be assassinated, but didn't know to look up Amir until after the event. Why not create a computer program to check the ZONE around the key words you found for ANY words that are around it. Surely any words or names from both a Hebrew-English dictionary would have to be significant and not be there by chance. Its like watching a movie, no scene you see is without some meaning to the plot due to the fact the movie's time is limited. In the case of the Bible decoded, it only has the immediate matrix in front of you to offer any other clues to help us. That is if an easy-to-find clue is intended.

Then all the words found around the key words found could be free-associated towards the key word(s) to determine meanings and relevancy. For example, If you saw the name BIBI and then Kalishnakov, you'd know someone is going to shoot at him with an Avromat Kalishnikov Machine pistol (AKM) or popularly known as AK-47 7.62mm Assault Rifle.

I'd like to see all the words around the Kennedy brothers since Oswald and Sirhan were just the scapegoats — the real shooters are still at large and undetermined. JFK was shot by at least 3 men, probably CIA contract snipers. RFK was killed at point blank range by the security guard. There are more bullets in the room and bystanders, RFK himself than there were in Sirhan's gun! Or must we learn Hebrew and do it ourselves by scanning your book? If you told me the words you detected I could recognize their relevance to the murders.

(5) Very intriguing is your discussion of the 5th Dimension as an accepted fact of reality, though not defined as of yet by scientists.

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