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Letter to Michael Drosnin

Author of The Bible Code

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Before I upset you further I'll stop for now. I do recommend that you read Graham Hancocks Fingerprints of the his book he describes how we have physical evidences that human civilizations were very advanced from the very beginning — extremely ancient societies knew that the earth was round, how to build enormous buildings, map the earth accurately, navigate by the stars etc. that could only have happened IF SOMEONE TOLD THEM THIS STUFF in the beginning. In your book your infer that God only communicated to man primarily through Moses at the burning bush — not so. God spoke directly to Adam and Eve about the earth and how they were to manage it. This knowledge of the FIRST TIME, mysterious, shrouded and passed on by deliberate fairy tales and myths so disasters did not lose these FINGERPRINTS is the same thing as the Jewish people copying the Bible religiously through the ages. Just as you said, we're talking about CONTACT with a supernatural alien life form via ancient writings, myths and monuments in order to preserve them through long periods of time. After the flood, man had to start all over again, as he did after the great plagues in Europe etc. I urge you to read his book. I wrote a letter to him offering a Judaeo-Christian explanation, but got no response from him.


Mike S.

Enclosure #1

Questions to Seek Answers in the Decoded Bible

Hold on to your boot straps here, it's going to get ugly. Hold on, and keep your mind open here.

1. The Lord Jesus Christ. OK. Assuming the whole Bible is true, does the decoded version say he came in the flesh and walked among men. The Bible in the plain text tells us to check the spirits with this question. If we get a wrong answer something is really wrong here.

2. The Anti-Christ, Man of Sin, Son of Perdition, The Pope, Vatican, Rome. These are the bad guys I'm afraid. It would help to know what they are going to do next.

3. UFOs, Flying Saucers, ETs, Aliens, Space ships, demons, Satan, Lucifer. Scary stuff but you need to inquire.

4. Darwin, Evolution, Big-Bang theory, Black holes, the Flood. Evolution didn't happen so any answers that evolution took place at all are to be suspicious.

5. Noah's Ark, Ark of the Covenant, Elijah, Noah, Moses, Rapture, Second Coming Apostles Paul and Peter, Daniel, the Sphinx, Great Pyramids.

• Where is the Ark?

• Where did Elijah and Enoch go? (They didn't die)

• What did Noah and his sons do after the flood?

• Who built the Sphinx (it wasn't Egypt!) the Pyramids?

• Will there be a rapture of the Church?

• The great falling away.....Laodicean Church age...details?

• King James Bible

6. Look up the world's major (FALSE) religions for a rendering.

• Islam?

• Mohammed?

• Buddha?

• Confucius?

• Taze Russel?

• Joseph Smith?

7. World Governments?

• USA?

• Russia?

• England?

• Israel? Yes-how many times mentioned? What predictions?


1st Lt. Mike S. is a U.S. Army Reserve Airborne veteran, and a former enlisted Non-Commissioned Officer in the USMC. He is a military writer, analyst and equipment inventor. He is also a graduate of Liberty University.

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