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So while a big loss was reported to the IRS for the production of the The Omega Code film, read Matt's letter to investors indicating the TENS of MILLIONS of UNREPORTED PROFITS on the film.

Matthew Crouch has been described as,

In many ways, Crouch and his company, Gener8Xion Entertainment, are Hollywood anomalies. He hasn't had to look further than his parents — with their tax-free donor base and worldwide television reach — to bankroll and market his movies. In other ways, the stereotype of a Hollywood producer fits snugly. Friends and foes describe him, by turns, as charismatic, arrogant, charming, ruthless, visionary and greedy.

Associates also say that Crouch's impulsiveness — and perhaps a desire to escape his father's long shadow — has prompted him to take shortcuts that have led to risky decisions. During the production of Omega Code, his key personnel included a former adult-film actor and a novice screenwriter who was arrested and convicted of soliciting a child for sex.

June 2012
heartGranddaughter of Paul and Jan Crouch Alleges Cover-up of Rape by TBN Employee When She Was 13 heartNew Lawsuit Claims TBN Ministry Covered Up Rape of 13-Year-Old Carra Crouch
heartSuit alleges TBN covered up rape of 13-year-old heartTBN Settles in Court Over Employee Age Discrimination Case, Employee Says They are Bullies
May 2012
heartConfidential memo: 'TBN practices ... violate the IRS Code' heartExtravagant spending a pervasive issue for Trinity, internal review says
heartFamily Battle Offers Look Inside Lavish TV Ministry heartMan (Sorta) Drops Lawsuit Against TBN; Lawyers For Both Sides Talk Trash
heartRelatives threatened to 'destroy' Crouch granddaughter heartTBN Asks Court to Seal Records in Response to Blog Investigation
heartTBN extravagance? Read internal memos for yourself heartTBN's Paul and Matt Crouch: God Kills Those Who Come Against Them
heartTBN to judge: Stop Watchdog blogger

"(S)everal of the documents appear to have been fabricated or altered by Koper," Trinity attorney May told us... -Confidential memo-

April 2012
heartHoly Land's mansions taxable, Orange property appraiser says
March 2012
heartLawsuits bring scrutiny to Trinity Broadcasting heartSuit alleges financial fraud at TBN ministry
heartPaul Crouch Granddaughter Expose Dissemblance and Corruption of TBN heartTBN Exposed!
February 2012
heartBrittany Koper Complaint Against Trinity Broadcasting Network Koper-Complaint.pdf heartFormer TBN Finance Head: Board Illegally Took $50 Million; Attorney Grabbed Breasts to "See How They Feel"
heartGod help anyone who would …get in the way of TBN heartKoper’s lawyer responds to TBN’s response
heartPaul Crouch's Granddaughter Exposes Corruption at TBN heartSinful Sex at TBN and a Motor Home for Jan Crouch's Dogs Alleged in Lawsuit
heartSuit: ‘Cover-ups of sexual and criminal scandals’ at TBN heartSuit: TBN board diverted millions from ‘charitable assets’
heartTBN Exposed | TBN's Power, Profit and a Pink Poodle | Trinity Broadcasting heartTBN’s Matthew Crouch Allegedly Threatens to Kill the Granddaughter of Paul and Jan Crouch?
heartCall To Boycott Christian TV's TBN and Glenn Beck (August 2011) heartGlenn Beck Affiliation Leads to Calls for Boycott of Christian TV's TBN (August 2011)
heartIs TBN silencing God’s prophets? (June 2011) heartJack Van Impe Abandons TBN (June 2011)
heartFormer TBN Pastor Steve Galiher Gets Wrist Slap for DWI that Preceded Man's Death (April 2010)
2009 devotionals
heartDrunken TBN Personality Steve Galiher's Mug Shot! (December 2009) heartFormer Paducah pastor STEVE GALIHER of TBN fame CONVICTED (December 2009)
heartSentencing Postponed for Longtime TBN Pastor Steve Galiher, Who Pleaded Guilty to Two Felony DUIs (December 2009) heartTrinity Broadcasting Network’s ‘Financial Improprieties’ Detailed In NY Times (December 2009)
heartMan Crashed Into by Drunk TBN Host Steve Galiher in April Passes Away Due to Injuries (November 2009) heartTrinity Music City Church Pastor and TBN Host Steve Galiher's DUI Victim Dies (November 2009)
heartDoctor-Minister Arrested for Fake Cancer Cure Has OC Ties (October 2009) heartFather-Son Disharmony on TBN, Matt Crouch no longer believes in dispensationalism? (August 2009)
heartMiracle on the 73: TBN Personality Turns Wine into a Double DUI (June 2009) heart

He whose ear listens to the life-giving reproof Will dwell among the wise. He who neglects discipline despises himself, But he who listens to reproof acquires understanding. The fear of the LORD is the instruction for wisdom, And before honor comes humility. Proverbs 15:31-33 (NASB)Bible quote(verse 31) The ear that heareth the reproof of life abideth among the wise.

(verse 32) He that refuseth instruction despiseth his own soul: but he that heareth reproof getteth understanding.

(verse 33) The fear of the LORD [is] the instruction of wisdom; and before honour [is] humility.Proverbs 15 (KJV) verses 31-33

heartTBN youth host now a "gay christian" (April 2008)
heartProphet Prophesies at Psychic New Age Fair (June 2007) heartFormer TBN GM Claims Family Conspired to Overthrow Him (February 2007)
heartJudge in TBN Case to Step Aside (November 2004) heartCrouch to Stay Chief of TBN Despite Gay Sex Allegation (September 2004)
heartEx-Worker Accusing TBN Pastor Says He Had Sex to Keep His Job (September 2004) heartPastor's Empire Built on Acts of Faith, and Cash (September 2004)
heartTBN's Promise: Send Money and See Riches (September 2004) heartTelevangelist Paul Crouch Attempts to Keep Accuser Quiet (September 2004)
heartBenny Hinn Tries to Block Disclosure of Financial Secrets (December 1998)

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