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What is going on at TBN

Matt and Jan Crouch Now 'IN CHARGE'

Jan Crouch Removes Bible Prophecy From the Network

One of the first mandates Jan Crouch made following Paul's death was to remove Bible prophecy programming from the network in January 2014, but then she brought on loads of false prophets. Now what does this tell you? Read Irvin Baxter's comment.

Sometime before this decision was made both Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey were kicked off for speaking the truth. Watch video Jack Van Impe Explains TBN Departure (June 26, 2011). Jack never wanted to return to the network, but apparently Hal did. Hal was not off the network that long before returning. When Hal returned he clearly changed. His attitude and behavior had changed. He appeared to be under pressure.

In January 2014 Hal was kicked off again along with all the other Bible prophecy teachers. Since mom and I no longer watch TBN or even have cable/satelite in our home we cannot confirm this but Hal may be back on the network. It is obvious that the only people who are allowed on Satan's network are those who are willing to compromise and promote the will of the Antichrist.

Matt and Jan Crouch do not believe in the rapture of the church

It is apparent from the films that Matt Crouch and TBN produced that they do not believe in the rapture because they make no reference of it at all. In fact since mom and I again just recently watched their movies "The Omega Code" and "Meggido" we not only noticed no acknowledgment of the rapture but also that there was so much focus on the Antichrist. So much so that it seemed they were giving glory to the Antichrist. There was no witnessing of the Great Commission and telling people how to get saved in these movies. It was about getting rich and preparing for the Antichrist. The only message and focus we should be having in this last hour is Jesus- teaching others how to get saved and how to prepare for HIS COMING!

TBN obviously expects to be here during the tribulation period. This is the reason why they built a studio in Jerusalem. They want to have their cameras set up for the Antichrist. They are looking for the Antichrist, not Jesus. Read Paul Crouch Flips Off TBN Cameras in Jerusalem!

The end of January 2014, Jack Van Impe gave a message to Matt and Jan Crouch on his television program. This is one of the most important messages this year.

Listen to this message from Jack Van Impe

Watch on youtube.

The "BREAKING NEWS" is the coming of the Lord!

BUT, Matt and Jan Crouch do not believe that the Lord is coming at all, according to Jack.

I have found it very questionable that Paul Crouch died naturally. I see several motives for Matt and Jan to eliminate Paul. However, now that Paul is gone, Matt and Jan will probably press in a lot more on the 'prosperity gospel' and many other unbiblical things even harder than they have in the past because they are serving a different lord- the lord of money. They need to continuously seek out gullible suckers to keep sending them more money so they can continue to live this high lifestyle they want to maintain. They are looking for MONEY, not Jesus.

No wonder Matt and Jan feel they are invincible and above the wrath of God- because they are not even looking for Jesus to rapture the church and they are not interested in hearing about Bible prophecy, or the coming of the Lord, or SIN or repentance. Apparently, they want to stay here with the unbelievers and the antichrist.

"Rigging" Jack said in this video. I know how that feels. Matt Dentino and Marty Layton schemed against me too at Trinity Music City. All these people are not Christians. True Christians do not setup, rig or scheme against the people of God.

Homosexuals, Bisexuals, and Jezebel Have Taken Over the Network

I see homosexuals and lesbians welcomed to this super church union. I see this 'SUPER WORLD CHURCH,' [TBN] in the guise of understanding, accepting homosexuals and lesbians into its fellowship. Homosexual and lesbian love will be vindicated by the leadership of this church union. Homosexuals will not only be welcomed but they will be encouraged to continue in their practices. Homosexual and lesbian ministers will not only be ordained and given special authority but be heralded as a new breed of pioneer evangelists introducing new concepts of love and evangelism. I see in nearly every major city in the United States and around the world homosexual churches catering exclusively to the spiritual needs of their own kind with full recognition from organized religion with summer school and church literature distributed to their children with suggestion to teenagers that homosexuality is a normal and Christian practice. -David Wilkerson, 1973 Prophecy - The Vision-

In many ways, Crouch and his company, Gener8Xion Entertainment, are Hollywood anomalies...During the production of "Omega Code," his key personnel included a former adult-film actor and a novice screenwriter who was arrested and convicted of soliciting a child for sex. -TBN Exposed-A Case For The Truth-

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