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NORAD, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado

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Jesus Christ is LORD!

As they surround him Jennings gets up:

"Jesus Christ is LORD!"

They immediately turn into the evil bug-eyed aliens well known world wide.

His men wake up, too.

Jennings proclaims:

"NO! They are DEMONS!"


Their flying craft impacts into the cold arctic blizzard.

"Get thee hence, Satan!"

Jennings reaches down and he is no longer naked, he has the Bible in his hand.

The demons are really pissed now.

"What good is it calling upon the Lord you do not believe in?"

The mask of evil

Jennings truly was an agnostic at least before this.

Suddenly a mighty light from heaven shines down.

Michael, the Archangel blocks the demons from harming the men.

"Leave these be. They have called upon the name of the Lord. GO."

The Delta anti-gravity ship appears.

Firing a laser beam at the men on the ground, barely missing the men.

The head demon laughs.

"What are you going to do now Michael, it's their own kind who have come to kill them!"

Laughing hysterically, the demons change shape and fly away as mists in the air.

Jennings and his men run to the survival package as the anti-gravity ship lands. Their snow mobiles will not start.

The only thing they have is extreme terrain mountain bikes which wisk them away from the pursuing Delta troops on foot.

"Spread out~!"

Delta re-embarks inside their craft, which suddenly has technical problems so their laser doesn't work.

They pick up the men, all except Jennings who is the farthest away.

As the craft swoops down on him, he falls into a crack in the ice, never to be seen.

Delta whisks the survivors back to Fort Bragg, NC.

Freezing, dying, sinking.

Jennings asks for Jesus Christ to save him.

Divers pull him inside a diesel-electric submarine.

He awakens.


It's an Israeli submarine.

"WE have gone an awfully long way from Israel to rescue you, Mr.Jennings. A first for our navy, under the ice pack."

"I hope you are worth it."



1st Lt. Mike S. is a U.S. Army Reserve Airborne veteran, and a former enlisted Non-Commissioned Officer in the USMC. He is a military writer, analyst and equipment inventor. He is also a graduate of Liberty University.

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