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NORAD, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado

Writer: Mike S.

General Abrams was in no mood for pleasantries.

"Where are they?"

"We do not know, Sir. They are deep. GPS tracked them 175 miles in until we lost signal."

General Abrams walks to his private office and picks up the red phone.

"We have a problem. This is not a random, accidental pick up by them. This is not an agreed upon cattle dissection nor surrender of mutually undesirables. WE have broken the treaty. I suggest we recover them before they talk."

Voice on other end agrees.

General Abrams grumbles.

"Already given the bastards underground bases. What more can they want?"

Area 51. Top-Secret facility where secret planes are tested.

flight test

The best travel in first class.

Special Forces Delta Troops from "D" Squadron, Fort Bragg, NC are brought in. Their infiltration craft:

A silver disk flying by anti-gravity.

The craft takes off on the suicide mission.

Jennings and crew in a medical facility, each on a table.

Powerless to intervene, they can still talk.

Shivering with fear, one man urinates on the exam table. The Atlantians are not pleased.


HEY! How many evil things do these demons have to do to people before we call them what they are?

The man screams as a pain probe is applied to him.

Jennings: "Hey, he was only being nervous!"

Jennings is jolted by the electric prod and falls into deep sleep.

HEY! How many evil things do these demons have to do to people before we call them what they are?


The Delta ship is tracked as it enters the hollow zone and descends."They are 50 miles in, no detection yet."

Exam Room

Jennings and his men are probed. The man who urinated is dissected alive. His screams enter Jennings' dream.

Mister "X" appears in his dream.

"Jim, I'm here to help you. They are not from Atlantis. You are being tricked. You are right now on the polar ice cap in your dimension."

"What the ?"

"Shh... do not speak, it will give off brain waves they can detect. You and your men are in great danger."

"They are not humans, nor space aliens. They come from the earth. They are DEMONS.

Just like we warned you in the Bible ages ago. I cannot help you unless you call upon my name and ask. The book you have and that verse, read it and we can rescue you."

"I cannot move."

Call upon the LORD!

"Think deep. Remember what it said."

"Call upon the name of the Lord and thou shalt be saved and all thy house."

"Jesus, save me!"

Mister "X" smiles and assumes the historical form of Jesus when at Nazareth.

Jennings' hand raises from his sleep.

The Atlantians shriek.

They turn to silence him.

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