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Strangers Beneath the Earth

Writer: Mike S.

Cut to command center receiving radio reports from the Admiral flying the plane.

"Its unbelievable. We keep flying and flying and we still are not across the pole yet."


"There is no center . . . there is no center!"

The radio operator listening, radios:

"Clipper One, Clipper One! Come in, over!"

"There's a land of mountains, forests, green vegetation, lakes and rivers BELOW us! We're turning back NOW!"

Tri-Motor plane landing scene. Reporters meet the Admiral and his assistant proclaiming them heroes newsreel footage. Two Navy Security policemen escort the Admiral and his aid to a medical lab for "examinations."

At the White House

FDR receives telegram, sealed. He opens it, and drops his monocal. "Get me Professor Einstein here at once."

Einstein arrives later. He reads the report.

FDR: "We are about to embark on another WORLD WAR. We cannot let the Nazis know about this hollow earth" or to contact them and make a treaty or else they will rule the world. Is it possible?"

Einstein: "Yes, there are definitely more than 3 dimensions, probably 4. Most scientists conceive 5."

FDR: "What can we do to stop them, contain them?"

Einstein: "We can harness the power of the atom in a bomb, threaten to use it on them or destroy the whole earth if necessary to make them back off."

FDR: "That's all. Thank-you."

(FDR's aides come in.)

FDR: "I want Admiral Byrd decorated and sent to some obscure spot to finish his career. I want him to survive the coming war and to go back to find out exactly what he saw up there. But I want him watched at all times. No word of this is to leave his mouth until he's in his grave, understood?"

(His key advisors nod.)

FDR: "Van, what should we do?"

Vannevar Bush: "We build a ring of bases around the arctic. No one gets to the North Pole."

FDR: "What if THEY choose to come here?"

Van: "We tell the public they are space aliens....and....we build the BOMB."

FDR: "I want a test on the public's reaction to this. Can you arrange it?"


Joe Morgenstein: "I can get Orson Welles to do a broadcast and see if the public panics.

Newsreel footage reads Orson Welles War of the Worlds. Broadcast creates panic, some people die.

The government decides to cover up and deny any UFO sighting. World War II begins and the atomic bomb is created. Mysterious "FOO" fighters circle around our war planes. The flying disks land and confer with Germany's Nazi leaders who are steeped in the occult and give secrets to their aircraft designers who create mysterious flying wing aircraft and jets. FDR dies from the strain. Admiral Byrd sits out the war in a supply warehouse. The atomic bomb explodes in a test and ends the war.

The heroes of Hiroshima/Nagasaki, the 509th Bomb Group moves to Roswell, New Mexico for further tests. Flying disks are spotted and some crash. General Ramey holds a press conference denying it all saying they were "weather balloons." More flying saucers spotted around the world. Israel is reborn in the middle east.

President Truman creates National Security Act creating the CIA.

"We will not be caught with our damn pants down again like we were for Pearl Harbor!"

Not realizing Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen to bring the U.S. into WWII, his aides smile sarcastically, they are getting what they want -- a secret national security apparatus that would exist perpetually.

Truman: I want to get to the bottom of this "flying saucer" craze. I've heard reports that the Nazis have something to do with these "FOO" fighters and have hid plans in the arctic regions. WELL?"

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