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They are INTRA-Terrestrials (ITs) not extra-terrestrials ETs

Writer: Mike S.

100% of the world moves by, and is covered by AIR and subject to unpredictable AIRBORNE attack.


The recent interview of former CIA agent Victor Marchetti (The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence) on the Fox broadcasting T.V. show, Sightings signals a new turn in the UFO controversy; when a man with this kind of credibility says that our government is hiding information on possible alien contacts, the whole issue is no longer a topic of the "SCI-FI" and "lunatic" fringes. Marchetti was the first CIA operative to come forward and break the "veil" of silence on the organization in the 1970s and his book was published only after great opposition by the U.S. government and was still highly censored; just look at the wide-tip black felt markings rampant throughout its published text. Marchetti is not a "SCI-FI nut" or "ET" enthusiast yearning for alien contact to validate his existence; he is a serious "player" on the international political community, having nothing to do with the UFO backwaters.

Clearly, forces are at work here and the issue is coming to a head. Almost every citizen has either a video camera, a personal computer or both. Something is going on, as the entire world becomes more and more covered by instant telecommunications scrutiny, our government or other nations will have to render a decision: a denial or to "come clean." The obvious government cover-up of UFO phenomena dates back to the late 1940s when it was feared that the public would panic if they learned human governments lacked the physical means to fight the alleged extra-terrestrials.


If this culmination goes according to form, a serious collapse in "the world order" is going to take place. This warning is to remind us all that THERE IS AN OPTION THAT HAS NOT BEEN seriously CONSIDERED THAT CAN ACCOUNT FOR UFO PHENOMENA AND GIVES US A VIABLE DEFENSE. First, let me be transparent here.

My older brother saw a UFO in 1968 in Sunnyvale, California. The Red orb he saw spurred him into 3 decades worth of vigorous investigation. Iconoclastic, he now says it was a meteorite. Before it became fashionable to talk about the Roswell incident, Donald Menzle or Project Bluebook, we learned about UFOs from my brother. We would go to bed at night terrified of an alien creature appearing at our window. Why not the "Steven Spielberg" joy and fascination? We heard the facts. UFOs, aliens etc. when they come in contact with humans are not nice; radiation burns, medical experiments, mutilations, burnings, mustard gas smells, grotesque appearances, blatant lies, damaged and destroyed reputations and obvious occult linkages pointed out only one explanation: they are not our friends. The latest Hollywood production, "Independence Day" eloquently drives this point home, though it sells us on saving ourselves by a "Star Wars"-type shoot-out. At 10 years old when you are encountered with evil beyond your own power there is no time for vanity and social respectability; you go with the one thing you know deep down in your heart that will work: your King James Bible. Say whatever you want about THE BOOK, but you have been warned. When your pride is overcome by forces that are about ready to kill you, GO TO THE BOOK. It will save your life. We put ours in our windows. Even better is to read what it says.


For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect. Mark 13:22

These words were not written just to be "window dressing". They are warnings to us from God Almighty that we are now in perilous times and we will be getting visited once again by so-called "outsiders" seeking our demise. Not cuddly "E.T.s" in a Steven Spielberg spiel........real people getting hurt....for REAL. Not a hollywood wishful-thinking production of lovee-dovey people who want to hug a grotesque torturer.

Lets be real here. The current popular speculation of "other life-forms" being out there is the hope for ALIEN SALVATION. Some sort of biological beings----people----more advanced than ourselves ---- who have death licked and who hopefully can be contacted to learn their secrets without having to flat out change our ways as a Supreme Being, and creator of the Universe would demand. A FALSE CHRIST....a hope. A "christ" who you can put Nike shoes on and commit mass suicide for to catch a ride on a streaking comet in the skies.

flying saucer

And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven. Luke 21:11

I don't like going to church or dressing up or singing old-fashioned Fanny Crosby songs, nor church gossip..the fluffed up hair styles or the guilt-mongering, or the endless talk about self-fulfillment. But God is the LORD, the Bible is still the word of GOD. Christ still died on the cross in our place and rose from the dead 3 days later and is on the right hand of the Father as we speak. His Holy Spirit holds the current mess together, for the sole reason of keeping the door open to all those that will knock and ask him in. That is why God puts up with all the evil going on in the world today, so that some may still be saved, because when "it is over" will be OVER. Christians are negligent when they don't give these plain answers to plain questions when they are asked by people who are seeking the truth. The REAL Christ, who will return soon to set the world in order, is the one we should follow.


So, if I was being attacked by possible visitors from another planet, and my government was so scared and defenseless that they were covering the entire thing up, I'd consider what the Judaeo-Christians have to say as a matter of personal survival. Don't limit your options. Just because most so-called "Christians" are selfish cowards spending their time feeding their faces and padding their wallets as the world goes to hell in a "hand basket" doesn't mean that the Judaeo-Christian reality is not the true reality we live in.

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