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The Hard-Core Facts About Jezebel

My personal story about a jezebel encounter

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Characteristic #9
Never gives credit or shows gratitude. The whole world revolved around only her. She felt that she was best at everything, knew everything and deseved everything no matter who was harmed in the way of her having what she wanted.
Characteristic #10
Criticizes everyone. Sort of goes along with #9. She complained about anyone who did not agree with her and that person would become her enemy.
Characteristic #11
One-upmanship, goes along with #2, #3, and #6. She constantly bragged about her achievements. When she felt that the victim gave me too much attention, then she criticized me relentlessly until she had her way.
Characteristic #12
Sequesters information. I can tell you exactly how this jezebel began to know everything about me. She read many months worth of emails between me and the victim. I believe that as she was a psychic that she was also using "watcher demons" on me for a time. "Watcher demons" are demons that troll a person and report information back to their masters. Eventually after she gained enough control over the mind of her victim then she leveraged information from him. Jezebel later used this information to twist things into half-truths or to very little truth and into sick satanically-minded stories that only a critter from hell could ever devise.
Characteristic #13
Uses information. She always spoke to me with the attitude that she knew everything and I knew nothing. In fact, she labeled me a "mindless barbie doll" and a "naive idiot." It was terribly funny for me once I learned she was full of evil spirits and was deceiving everyone. I mean, what a compliment to remind me that Satan despises me. Before I realized who she was I already had far too many conversations with her. Just like the devil, jezebel looks for your weakness and then attacks your weakness. She took bits of information I shared with her in conversations and manipulated that information to her controlled victim in order to make herself look good.
Characteristic #14
Talks incessantly. When she is busy covering up her lies, then she never shuts up. When she is busy persuading you to believe a lie, she will never be quiet until she feels that she has you under her control. When she thought she might be losing control over her victim, she kept me up for several days and nights never shutting up. Just constantly exasperated with endless energy to keep on yapping and prophesying to me until she thought she had me convinced to see the world her way.
Characteristic #15
Spiritualizes everything. Oh yes, it's everybody else who has the problem, never jezebel. Jezebel thinks herself perfect. Jezebel never see's her faults or that anything she has done is wrong. Then she has the nerve to bring God into the conversation with a brand new interpretation of the Bible. So when the Bible speaks against adultery and fornication, jezebel says she has never done those things because her definition of that is apart from God's Word.
Characteristic #16
Is insubordinate. Thank God that I never worked with this witch in any professional business!!!!!! I know that the woman had no conscience about anything she did. Everything was always about her and she had to be center of attention. She took orders from no one, but she expected everyone to take orders from her.
Characteristic #17
Is pushy and domineering. She was always telling me what I was going to do and what her victim was going to do. She was persistent that everything would be her way and her way only. A phrase she liked to use on me was "I just know how to push your buttons." She attempted to use intimidation to control the entire show by turning me and her victim against each other so she could get rid of me and keep him under her tight submission and control. The victim was so fearful of having contact with me that he asked permission from jezebel to speak to me as if he were asking his mommy if he could go out and play.
Characteristic #18
Is clairvoyant. I mentioned previously about the use of "watcher demons" that I believe she was using on me in order to obtain information. Since learning about this I always pray daily asking God for his protection against Satan's devices. At the time that these events were taking place though, the witch would say things to me like "Don't be surprised if he tells you..." such and such.
Characteristic #19
Uses the element of surprise. Oh my goodness and what a surprise it was! One weekend, the jezebel appeared out of nowhere after having been away for many, many months. Her victim and I had plans which were destroyed because she appeared and demanded her victim's full attention. The victim dropped everything in sight and succumbed to her every whim immediately like a controlled robot. Jezebel's response after learning of me was "Oh, I never should have left him for so long. He missed me and needed me."
Characteristic #20
Sow seeds of discord. The jezebel causes havoc between every person who will not submit to her and every person who threatens her ability to control everyone around her or who appears to be anyone who might expose who she truly is. As I said already, she turned me and her victim against each other by telling each of us clever lies. She even went to the extent of bringing in people that I did not know in order to have them convince me of what she wanted me to believe.

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