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The Hard-Core Facts About Jezebel

My personal story about a jezebel encounter

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Characteristic #21
Commands attention. I was the threat to jezebel's existence so she attacked me profusely. The moment that she felt she was not #1, demonically foul language began to fall from her mouth and she began saying mentally disturbed things to me in an effort to remove my self-esteem and integrity until she gained full attention again from her victim. Once she feels that she has broke down your inner being, then she says to her victim what a great person she is and look at how unstable that person is...she's a crazy person.
Characteristic #22
Is vengeful. A jezebel will stop at nothing to destroy a person's reputation or life. (Read what happened to me at TBN.) This woman was so revengeful that she spent years and still does to this day convincing everyone around her that I am sick and demented while she practices witchcraft, lives in adultery, fornicates, curses the things of God and brought a once wonderful, highly intelligent man down to a grasshopper. His mind became so waxed that he never had a clue what she did to him. To all those she so cleverly persuaded to believe her story, you do not know the facts. You have been lied to.
Characteristic #23
Attempts to make you look like you are the jezebel. This jezebel certainly used every skill to twist the stories around in order to make me look like the jezebel. Now you see a lot about me from viewing this website and what kind of person I am. Yet this woman has managed to make her victim see me doing all the sick, demented things which she herself did and not me. She took the time to learn a lot about me and then she became me in her victims eyes while the victim viewed me as being her who behaved with the mentality of a three year old and the language of an unbridled demon. While expressing her dislike of me she would imitate the things in me that attracted her victim. The victim has now labeled me as the "dangerous" one while jezebel is the one who ordered threats against me and behaved psychotically. The only danger in me was exposing jezebel's evil spirits and mind control over her victim. Jezebel fears the victim will figure out what she has done to him and then Jesus will rescue him from her control. I wish that I could figure out how to elaborate on this more because you really need to give this characteristic a lot of thought. The complexities of it are quite terrifying! Demons seem to have the ability to change their physical form to appear as humans or anything, or the 'house' remains and the inward man is changed. The devil is totally about illusion. People in the last days are going to be strongly deceived by this illusion with the eyes and mind.
Characteristic #24
Insinuates disapproval. The victim in this case lived in total fear of jezebel and yet he was incapable of even seeing the abnormal fear he lived under. He was incapable of making any decision on his own. He became a mindless puppet for jezebel. In the past, if he devulged any interest in speaking with me then jezebel became angry and again the story was twisted to have the victim not remember the truth but to only be aware of jezebel's lie to make the victim and anyone else to believe that I was the one who created strife.
Characteristic #25
Knows it all. Jezebel has certainly made idols of her opinions. She believes that only what she thinks matters and has no interest in what anyone else thinks about anything unless they agree with her completely.
Characteristic #26
Is ambitious. I personally do not care to use the word "ambition" but the author of the book has used it here. I call it self-seeking desires. The only thing Jezebel was concerned about was herself. She leads her victims to believe she cares about them but jezebel has no interest in anyone but herself. She has only an evil agenda to further the works of the devil. She blurted out to me on one occasion that she "could care less about [name withheld]" and all the while she was busy re-ordering everybody's lives in order to keep her victim under her control.
Characteristic #27
Gift giving. Jezebel reminds me of Judas Iscariot here. She buys her victims with 30 pieces of silver? Just like the devil, offering only what is temporal and pleasing to the eyes all under the guise of taking ownership of her victim.
Characteristic #28
Is independent. She cleverly conceals her true intentions.
Characteristic #29
Is religious. This woman takes authority from no one. She thinks that she is the authority on everything and for everything.
Characteristic #30
Hides. This jezebel hides alright. Jezebel is "sociopathic" which means she has "a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience." [ Unabridged (v 1.1). Random House, Inc. 19 Jul. 2009.] Read more about the "sociopathic" personality.

Jezebel hides behind her victim making him do all her dirty work. She has made him look like a fool but he is so disillusioned that he is incapable of seeing how low she has brought him. She has him convinced that she is good for him and making something wonderful for him when in fact everything is just the opposite. People often question "Who is this?" In this situation, the victims mind became under total control of Jezebel. She likely used some incantation over him and unbeknownst to him in order to push his God-given mind out of existence. Everything she spoke and thought, felt and believed became one with her victim. He was incapable of making his own decisions or helping himself in any way. He was no longer able to say "Jesus Christ is Lord." He gave all glory and honor to the one in whom controlled him. For she brought order and focus to his so called previously disordered life, the victim stated.

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