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The Hard-Core Facts About Jezebel

My personal story about a jezebel encounter

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In 1995 I made a specific prayer request to God to find me a husband. (By the way, when a person prays for a mate, the devil hears your prayers and he goes on the war path sending all the wrong people in order to lead you astray!) It was one and a half years later when I was uniquely introduced to this man. I eventually realized that God had a greater purpose in our meeting and I feel that I failed God. There are things that I do not understand but I failed because I made a lot of mistakes and was never able to see Ahab set free. Because of the evil spirits from Jezebel, this man came to abhor me. He passed it off with the excuse of 'people change' but normal people do not change this way. This was the works of Jezebel and the devil. I have no hatred or malice toward him but I do hate the evil spirits that have lied to him and deceived him and changed him into a disrespectful, weak coward and made a total fool out of him. When the devil works this hard to keep two people apart that God Himself brought together, then you better believe it's because he is attempting to destroy some great work for God.

Jezebel's goal was to get me away from the person she desired to control, Ahab, because I was a threat to her and she knew that I would discern her evil spirit.

The victim was once highly intelligent and worked in a very desireable position for which the devil was using to manipulate in these final hours. People who do not have a close relationship with Jesus Christ, who try to live in between God and the world become the devils prey. Satan is roaming the earth for souls to devour (1 Peter 5:8Bible quoteBe sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.1 Peter 5 verse 8). People who are daily studying the Word of God, asking God for His guidance, wisdom and discernment in their lives should be the people who will recognize this evil spirit when they come in contact with it.

When I first met this woman I was unprepared and had no knowledge at all about this jezebel spirit but I would get so angry with myself for having opened up information to her that was none of her business. Jezebel has a clever way of withdrawing information from people that a person would ordinarily not speak of and then one stands back and wonders "Why did I say that?" She stores up all this information that she retrieves from people so that she can use it whenever she finds it convenient to use it against you and create strife and division. Much later on she changed her approach to getting rid of me. She pretended to her victim to make some sorry-looking, innocent-looking attempt to befriend me, she then created a new story by insisting that I could only be her friend and that I was "her" friend first. Hello? I never knew you! Talk about turning the truth around. If anyone can do it, Jezebel can and she does it so well.

I am going to go through each characteristic listed from the book Confronting Jezebel: Discerning and Defeating the Spirit of Control because the situation that I experienced was astonishing. This might help someone. (Read why I do not recommend supporting the author of this book, click here.)

Characteristic #1
Refuses to admit guilt or wrong. This woman never took responsibility for any wrong doing and she did everything wrong. Jezebel does not forgive, does not apologize and she denies all accusations against her. The woman threw tantrums unless she was given her way in everything. She would completely turn a story around 190 degrees in order to place herself in her victims favor. Reminds me of a scene from the movie "Megiddo" when Michael York who portrayed the antichrist accused his brother of killing their own father when in fact it was the antichrist himself who killed his own father but the disillusionment went to the point of camouflaging the video tape to appear to the world that the brother did it. So does jezebel camouflage her stories to her victims.
Characteristic #2
Takes credit for everything. Jezebel mandates total attention to herself. In this situation, she put her name on everything so she could say that the house belong to her, the phone belonged to her etc. Everything then belonged to her and she was quite proud of that ownership. Even for things for which she had no or little part in, she demanded that her name be credited.
Characteristic #3
Uses people to accomplish its agenda. Oh yes, this certainly signifies the ole boy Lucifer working through this jezebel spirit. Only God and the devil know what the specific agenda is. In order to achieve this agenda, Jezebel, the false prophetess, prophesies to her victims with such things that will lure her victim to submit to her total control. In my case, her prophecy to me was that I would be history - 'disappear.' She would prophesy everything her victim would say and that is what would happen saying things like "I am pretty sure that is what he is going to tell you."
Characteristic #4
Withholds information. Every time the witch desired to feel privileged to me or feel great power over me she would say "It's none of your business" or "I cannot talk about that" or just plain ignore me.
Characteristic #5
Talks in confusion. When Jezebel desires to coverup truth, she will talk incessantly in circles to try to confuse you and make you think that you do not know what you are talking about. Here is where she will try to belittle you, talk you down, try to make you feel inadequate and alone. With me she would change the subject to convince me that I misunderstood and she felt that she knew better about a situation for which she was no part of.
Characteristic #6
Volunteers for anything. When this witch discovered that I was doing something that she wanted to do, she not only took over what I was doing but completely shoved me off and threw me 20 feet under the ground while she took total control over a huge project that never belonged to her at all but solely to the victim.
Characteristic #7
Lies. Oh my goodness. No one lies better than a jezebel and this one has certainly fooled her victim and many others around them. Anyone who is not grounded in the Word of God and having a close relationship with Jesus Christ will certainly be fooled by this evil spirit and be caught up in the web of lies that jezebel creates to entangle all those she desires to control. She lies about everything, but once in a great while a trickle of truth would get through - just enough to keep those under her submission fooled.
Characteristic #8
Ignores people. Oh yes, the most prominent example of this was when jezebel insisted that she was good for the one she was controlling. When I replied to her "You cannot change God's plan for [name withheld] life." With great anger, she took off and ignored me.

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