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Roswell: The Generation After

Writer: Mike S. | 1997

It has become popular to blame all UFO sightings as top-secret military aircraft being tested after the shock from the revelation of "stealth" aircraft flying for the U.S. Air Force like this B-2 Spirit bomber and the alleged Mach 5+ "Aurora" spy plane that was supposed to have replaced the SR-71 shown here, but what of those sightings where no military aircraft is even in the area?


SR-71 spy plane

Mike S.
2d Tactical Studies Group (Aerospace)
Ft. Bragg, NC 28307-3253

26 September 1997

Dear Colonel Philip Corso and Mr. William Birnes,

I hope you get this letter which constitutes a victory in itself. I read your book and believe it to be true, however there are a number of minor errors in it that could undermine your credibility. They are listed in detail in an enclosure. I have a non-profit R and D group that designs, tests and gives to the U.S. Army improved equipment. We are Soldiers working for other Soldiers. We believe our Army has gone 'hog-wild' over electronic gadgetry at the expense of physical mechanical advantage for example. I realize your life's work has been to help launch the information-age Army of the XXIst century but I can tell from your book you never forgot about the physical side of the battlefield and the planet.

You are an extremely intelligent man and I resent the sarcastic treatment ABC-TV 20-20 gave you. We have a battle to fight however and we need your help.

The most striking thing in your book, The Day After Roswell is that you think the EBEs are not actually real living beings but facsimiles. The German scientists' idea that they carry no food because they are time travellers-inter-dimensional beings on short trips also dove-tails with my theory that I formed years ago. There are no mother ships, we would have detected them.

What I ask you to do is to think using your counter-intelligence background to view the UFO phenomena IN ITS ENTIRETY. Yes, they are hostile to us. They are deceiving us. OK. You state in the book that maybe the Roswell find was a TROJAN HORSE. But how? How would giving us advanced technology help THEM? Do you think they are so inept as to CRASH from a mere lightning bolt after being able to fly across galaxies and/or skip across dimensions and time?

It's a massive deception operation.

I believe this technology was deliberately given to us by the so-called aliens to VALIDATE AN IDEA: THAT THEY ARE FROM MILLIONS OF MILES AWAY, WHEN THEY ARE ACTUALLY FROM RIGHT HERE ON EARTH. They are Intra-Terrestrials, (ITs) not extra-terrestrials (ETs). Its a massive deception operation, giving us technologies we would have discovered eventually on our own.

There is precedents for this. In the Bible, the Gibeonites were actually nearby neighbors who masqueraded as travelors from afar who tricked Joshua into a peace treaty so he wouldn't destroy them. This was a good deception, these people didn't deserve to be wiped out and it was allowed to occur. Roswell deception is a bad one. The enemy they present as coming in space ships is a STRAW MAN to the real threat, which is even more sinister. If you go back in history you'll find man has been deceived in the past by the ITs who have appeared as elves, gremlins, leprauchauns, fairies — whatever the technology of man would be pre-disposed to accept. Modern man can only accept space ships from another more advanced species since this strokes his own ego and materialistic world view. This straw man threat is driving us to cover the entire earth with surveillance, setting up the possibility for it to be exploited to control humans in a brutal totalitarean one-world government of the anti-christ. Technology, as you know is a two-edged sword. This is why its vital that the U.S. remain as the world's superpower and that it remains a moral force for the good. This is why we at 1st TSG fight so hard to keep our military proficient so as to prevent the light of freedom from being dimmed around the world.

Then WHO are the ITs and what are they all about?

The bad news is that they are DEMONS, fallen angels under Satanic control just as the Bible has warned us all along them to be. I'm sorry if this rains on many people's parades but it is true nevertheless. The very first explanation for UFOs is the very one we never seem to even bother to consider. They are hostile. They hurt humans. They are not our friends. Come on now! If the Bible is true, UFOs, ETs are demonic. Period. And since they have been here awake throughout history, as supernatural beings who do not die, they actually were at the scene of the first TROJAN HORSE, just as you conjectured. If the Bible is not true, there is no Supreme Being overlooking us, then we are indeed alone and we had better prepare to defend ourselves and hedge our bets.

But being open-minded, and in my case a Bible college graduate, you can put 2 and 2 together to realize that the rebirth of the nation of Israel in 1947-48 coincides with the outbreak of UFO phenomena, and the Bible predicted and warns us in Matthew 24:24Bible quoteFor there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect.Matthew 24 verse 24 and Luke 21:11Bible quoteAnd great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.Luke 21 verse 11 to watch out what you see in the heavens!

But do not take my word for it. Research the UFO case histories and view them from the Judaeo-Christian world view; how many of the people who were harassed by the so-called ETs were Bible-believing Christians, if any? How many times have ETs been thwarted by people turning to prayer at the last moment if even attacked? What have we got to lose by re-looking at the entire gamut of the UFO phenomena through Judaeo-Christian perspectives? If it works, don't knock it. We are all in this together. They are the enemy.

If on the other hand, we are firmly esconsed in our belief that GOD IS DEAD BECAUSE WE HAVE BEEN VISITED BY OTHER CREATED BEINGS, then their Trojan Horse has succeeded. We have given up on God in exchange for some cold porridge in the form of material technology we would have eventually developed on our own. I believe God has allowed the UFO business to occur because we are headed for the climax in human affairs when the Creator himself will return to earth to set thing in order. It truly is HIGH NOON here on planet earth.

What can YOU do about this?

Pass this letter and the enclosures to whoever you know that can test them out. If the Pentagon views the Bible seriously enough to have its code-breakers look for hidden messages as the recent book, The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin (also by Simon and Schuster books) states, then its not just my young person's opinions here at work. His book also describes how this code in the Bible accurately foretells events and says there is a 5th dimension beyond the 3 of the physical world and the 4th of time. The secular scientists cannot define it, the religious call it the spirit dimension. I believe this is the dimension ITs appearing to be ETs move in and out of as Dr. Oberth conjectured.

Let me thank you for all your heroic work fighting the real battles to save the planet. Reading your book I was so impressed and proud (in a good way) about the mighty U.S. Army which we serve in. Your book has inspired me to work harder than ever to help our Army defend freedom worldwide to include possible attacks from super-natural forces.


Mike S.

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